Dî ch’al è vert il vert

no mi samee, di plui

mi môf se il ros de fuee

ros tal amont di Lui

al va e al ven tal vert

cul lâ e tornâ dal vint

cussì nol è plui vert

il vert nì fuee la fuee

ma ros di cûr ch’al trime

batiât dentri l’arint

da li’ stelis: ma velis

–li’ stelis – maravee

su la gnot dai vignâi

il colôr dai colôrs

Saying that green is green

does not look like me, more

I can move if the red of the leaf,

red in the sunset of July,

comes and goes in the green

with the coming and going of the wind,

so the green is no longer

green, as the leaf is no longer the leaf,

but red of the heart that trembles

baptised inside the silver

of the stars: but here they are

– the stars – wonder

on the night of the vineyards

the color of the colors.

Il me Donzel – Pierluigi Cappello


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